Chen Da Wei - Till The End

Chén Dá Wěi 陈达伟 - Till The End
OST The Outsiders / Dou Yu / (Dòuyú) 斗鱼

all these precious moments
with you by my side
must be a gift from heaven
that's haunting me all night

I don't know how I found you
I'm thankful that I have
now that I have a love so true
to hold, to keep, to share

in my heart, I can no longer hold inside
all of the love I used to hide
I'd always be with you until the very end

in this world, there is no place I'd rather be
you are my life, my soul, my girl
in through it all I know you'll come to see
that you're the one till the end

all my friends around me
say you'd be gone too soon
baby, I'm gonna make them see
we've found our way back home

Repeat Reff

we'll always be till the end

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